“I have been appointed by the Massachusetts governor, treasurer, and attorney general to serve on the Cannabis Control Commission to honor the will of the voters and implement the marijuana law here in the commonwealth. I  am no longer associated with any cannabis businesses or organizations, and I will not be updating this website during my term, but you can reach me at my state email or on Twitter. Thanks for all of your good wishes!”

Shaleen Title is a co-founder of THC Staffing Group, a cannabis recruiting firm focused on equality and inclusion. As an attorney specializing in marijuana regulations, she has provided regulatory expertise for leading marijuana consulting firms including 4Front Advisors and Vicente Sederberg. She co-authored the Massachusetts marijuana legalization referendum and has consulted on state and local marijuana policy around the country. 

In her role as a founding board member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, Shaleen led the creation of the MCBA Model Bill, the first state-level model bill created to give states guidance to implement a process of reinvestment and reconciliation. She also serves as a trustee for Students for Sensible Drug Policy, a founding board member of Marijuana Majority, and a board member of the Family Law and Cannabis Alliance. Previously, she served as a board member of the National Lawyers Guild.

Shaleen has won several awards for her advocacy work and her efforts to bring more women and people of color into drug policy reform, including the Hunter S. Thompson Young Attorney Award and the High Times Freedom Fighter Award. She helped create and fund the Students for Sensible Drug Policy Diversity Scholarship, which seeks to widen the perspectives and backgrounds of people joining the drug policy movement. 

In 2012, she helped make history by serving as a senior staffer for Amendment 64, Colorado’s historic initiative that made it the first state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana. She led the creation of professional coalitions including law enforcement endorsements and academic endorsements from hundreds of university professors.

Shaleen has been quoted in publications including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Business Journal,  NPR, Vice, Newsweek, Al Jazeera, and Denver Post and has written columns for Huffington Post, Ladybud, and The Influence. She holds a business degree, law degree, and graduate degree in accounting from the University of Illinois and was previously a part of the multistate tax group at Deloitte Tax. She lives in the Boston area. 

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