July 2, 2016 Shaleen will be speaking on the panel, "The Next Episode: Making Marijuana a Movement for Black and Brown People," at the National Lawyers Guild #Law4thePeople Convention in New York August 3-7.


June 27, 2016 Legal marijuana can still get you fired and criminal convictions can still prevent you from entering the industry. Read Shaleen's quotes on the topic in Merry Jane.


June 20, 2016 You can read about Shaleen's interview on Women's Health magazine's Uninterrupted podcast here or download it on iTunes. 


June 5, 2016: Shaleen was the guest on Drug Truth Network's weekly radio show, Century of Lies.


May 20, 2016: Right around annual Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness day, Shaleen shared her story with Vice for an article about medical cannabis and pregnancy.


May 9, 2016: Read Shaleen's comments in honor of Mother's Day for Cannabis Now Magazine on behalf of Moms United to End the Drug War.


May 5, 2016: Shaleen will be discussing careers in cannabis as the featured speaker at the Boston chapter of Women Grow's monthly leadership event tonight. 


May 4, 2016: Keep an eye out for the forthcoming documentary film, Mary Janes: Women of Weed. Shaleen is one of the featured "Puffragettes."


April 25, 2016: Shaleen is hosting the Boston session of "Supernova Women," a groundbreaking group of women of color in cannabis who provide free seminars for communities of color related to medical cannabis, legalization, and prison reform.


April 17, 2016: Congratulations to Shaleen for winning Students for Sensible Drug Policy's Outstanding Alumnus in Service to Drug Policy Reform award for 2016.


March 18, 2016: Check out THC Staffing Group's top tips on inclusion, hiring and getting hired, in Shaleen's interview for Leafly.


February 9, 2016: Read Shaleen's piece "Time for Reparations? How the Marijuana Industry is Excluding People of Color"


February 5, 2016: See Shaleen on the panel, "Inclusion is an Active Verb: Partnering with Diverse Communities" at the Women Grow Leadership Summit in Denver.


December 8, 2015: Guest article in Dig Boston called "One Bud: A Plea to Unite Legalization Factions"


November 25, 2015: You can see the video from Shaleen's panel at the Drug Policy Alliance conference here.


October 2015: Shaleen has accepted a seat on the Board of Trustees of Students for Sensible Drug Policy


September 23, 2015: Shaleen will be speaking on the panel, "Ensuring Inclusion, Repairing Damage: Diversity, Equity and the Marijuana Industry" at the Drug Policy Alliance conference in Washington, DC November 18-21.


September 2, 2015: The initiative submitted by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Massachusetts, which was co-drafted by Shaleen, has been certified for the November 2016 ballot.


August 26, 2015: Check out the cover story of Newsweek this week about women in the marijuana industry. Shaleen is quoted heavily.


August 1, 2015: Shaleen will be speaking at the Cannabis Research and Patient Care Seminar in Sheffield, MA on August 29.


April15, 2015: Shaleen is a board member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association.


April 4, 2015: Shaleen is featured in Ladybud in an extensive interview about her life and career.


April 9, 2014: Shaleen is quoted about insurance coverage and medical marijuana in the personal finance publication Main Street.


March 27, 2014: An article covers Shaleen’s talk at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.


March 13, 2014: Shaleen is the newest representative of Moms United to End the War on Drugs.


February 27, 2014: On March 27, Shaleen will be speaking at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA.


January 31, 2014: Shaleen joins the Board of Directors of Garden Remedies, Inc., which was selected by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to receive one of 20 licenses to operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts. It will be located in Newton, MA and plans to open this year.


January 23, 2014: Click here to read “3 Reasons Marijuana Legalization in Colorado is Good for People of Color,” an op-ed co-authored by Shaleen and Neill Franklin in response to an article in theGrio.


January 15, 2014: Shaleen’s letter clarifying the effect of Colorado’s marijuana legalization law is published in the Washington Post.


January 13, 2014: The Boston Globe publishes Shaleen’s letter to the editor, “For marijuana, prohibition is the experiment that failed“.


December 1, 2013: A six-page interview and feature is published in Skunk magazine.


September 9, 2013: Shaleen’s advice for women interested in getting involved in drug policy advocacy published in Ladybud magazine.


August 13, 2013: An interview with Shaleen in the South Asian culture/lifestyle magazine The Aerogram about marijuana issues and Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s apology for misleading the public


August 12, 2013: Marijuana Majority’s reaction to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s speech endorsing reforms to mandatory minimum sentences


August 7, 2013: Vicente Sederberg, LLC announces the first-ever seminar on Illinois medical marijuana legal and investment issues


June 2, 2013: Shaleen’s past work in Illinois and 2012 work in Colorado mentioned in a dialogue about the new Illinois medical marijuana law


March 4, 2013: Trailer released for the comedy documentary Grassroots featuring Shaleen and other activists on the Colorado Amendment 64 campaign


January 28, 2013: Introduction to Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Association with quote from Shaleen in the Boston Globe


January 17, 2013: Front-page feature in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on Shaleen and other medical marijuana lawyers


January 15, 2013: Advice Q&A about residency for medical marijuana patients with Shaleen in the Boston Phoenix


December 1, 2012: An extensive interview with Shaleen in the Good Men Project


November 28, 2012: Boston Globe article on Shaleen and Vicente Sederberg’s services in Massachusetts


November 27, 2012: Boston Business Journal article on Shaleen and Vicente Sederberg’s new office


November 14, 2012: The Rachel Maddow Show features Amendment 64 campaign including Shaleen and other staff sign-waving on election day. A similar photo is published on the Associated Press photo wire.


November 7, 2012 (Election Day): WE DID IT!!!!


October 1, 2012: Shaleen consulted on the legitimacy of medical marijuana in an article on Al Jazeera


October 1, 2012: Shaleen quoted about Amendment 64 and the public safety in the Denver Post


September 5, 2012: A parody video mocking President Obama’s Kal Penn ad for marijuana hypocrisy, written and produced by Shaleen, goes viral and is featured in several media outlets. It also inspires more than a thousand tweets sent to President Obama and Kal Penn,challenging them to “#earnmyvote”.


September 1, 2012: Shaleen is honored with the High Times Freedom Fighter award for September 2012.